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King Dollar Club

‘Join Join Join the Line Line Line’ and reserve Energy reWards!

Energy reWards are the rewards of the King Dollar Club.

There will only EVER be 1,000,000.0000 Energy reWards.

Energy reWards earn 73% of each transaction fee.

The first 10,000 in the Club Line receive an “air drop” of 190,000 Energy reWards… 19 each

Next 100,000 in the Club Line receive an “air drop” of 70,000 Energy reWards… 0.7 each

Next 1,000,000 in the Club Line receive an “air drop” of 40,000 Energy reWards… 0.04 each

Next 10,000,000 in the Club Line receive an “air drop” of 20,000 Energy reWards… 0.002 each

Next 100,000,000 in the Club Line receive an “air drop” of 10,000 Energy reWards… 0.0001 each

The Line is Open. as of 2/2/2019 you can grab a spot in the top 10,000.

You must be in the King Dollar Club in order to be a beneficiary of the King Dollar Trust.

You must have a reusable “Ticket to Ward” code in order to join the Club Line.

a “Ticket to Ward” is a reusable code by those who purchase them from King Dollar Money Limited, its a life raft for those who want to join the club and the owner of the “Ticket to Ward” receives 1% of the future transaction fees of those who use the “Ticket to Ward” code to enter the Club.

Ticket to Ward costs 19 “USD” equivalent of Litecoin and 90% of currency goes into the Trust….. 50% into Dollars of Silver & 50% remains in Litecoin.


Remember, King Dollar Money Limited will NEVER sell ANY of your data OR use your transaction history to manipulate your behavior!

We only need your First Initial and Last Name right now.
If empty, 1% future transaction fee will go to Pharaoh's Trust, but give credit where credit is due, not required to enter the Line.
Continent *
Each Continent will have its own Energy reWard distribution. Proof of Location will be required in the future via EOSio.
Validation Check *

Once you “get in line” you can purchase your own Ticket to Ward and refer your entire family, to receive 1% of their future transaction fees.