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Marc Ward - Managing Director


Marc is a Data Scientist Air Force Academy graduate with a background in Machine Learning Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks and Applied Statistical Analysis. 

Through the identifcation of the problem we all face, Marc has envisioned a plan to enable the collective of individuals who participate to escape the debt complex they were born into

Marc's Accomplishments:

Scored an 800 on the Quantitative section of the GRE (2007)

-Passed Series 65 (Registered Investment Advisor test) in December 2015 - ex-registered investment adviser.

-Passed Level I (June 2010) and II (June 2011) of the CFA Course of Study

-Adheres to the CFA Code of Standards and Ethics

-Reviewed all 330+ financial, investment, insurance and marketing model documents for USAA as the lead data scientist for a team of 7 consulting for the USAA Chief Risk Office during a 14 month contract (Nov 2015-Dec 2016)

-2003 Collegiate Rugby National Champion 

-Married to Catherine Ward (USAFA 2011) with 4 children Jack (8), Lois (5), Bryce (4), and Marc Rome (1)

Andrew Piacine - Director

encrypted email:

Research Psyc.  B.A., 2x Presenter ECS Conference.

30 years research analysis: ancient, past, present, potential future civilization paradigms(mechanics/limitations/advancements).
Including 20 years innovative technologies marketing, promotions, strategic placement of non-novel non-familiar techs.
Focus on digital currency, decentralized networks, future clean energy technologies, traditional currencies architecture, debt-based credit-dependent commodity sys.'s, the psychology of money, precious commodities.
Expertise: Knowledge, pragmatism, alternavism, analysis, solutions, strategic planning & implementation directing identified superior value proposition into commerce segments. For God & Country. WWG1WGA

Teresa West - Director

25yrs banking industry, communications specialist, financial reporting, payroll specialist, human resources 120 banking centers,  HR, employee benefits, insurance products.
Trainer:  Managers, business specialists, personal/business bankers.
Client management system specialist.  Coordinator: On-boarding process, client, federal, state laws regulations / guidelines.  Asst. Manager, CCS lending officer, licensed personal banker.
Small business entrepreneur, opened consignment shop managed 300 client accounts, marketing, accounting, floor displays, worked with community, and charities, was voted best area consignment shop 4 years in a row.

Eric Ruston - Engineer

Having graduated from Penn State University, I started out my career as a Civil Engineer, however my life-long passion for computing soon steered me into the world of Technology.  I witnessed the rise of the internet, traveled to the west coast soon after, and experienced working in a start up company during the peak of the Dot Com boom.  After the bust, I wore many hats, career-wise, but always kept my eyes on the latest tech developments.  While working at the flagship Apple store in San Francisco, I first heard of cryptocurrency and was fascinated after doing some research.  I now firmly believe that we are experiencing the rise of the internet 2.0, the early nineties saw the rise of the internet of telecommunications, this time, it is the internet of currency (and smart contracting).  For me, block chain development is the way forward for the realization of the redemption and interconnectedness of all people on this planet.  

On a personal note: I love getting out into the outdoors, hiking, and health and fitness.  I played football in High school and judo in college.  I also dabble in languages, having learned some Spanish and Mandarin, I am currently struggling to learn some Japanese

Elle Tauer, Esq - Counsel

Colorado business attorney with over 15 years experience.


"Establishment of policies, and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation, by the members of the governing body of an organization. It includes the mechanisms required to balance the powers of the members (with the associated accountability), and their primary duty of enhancing the prosperity and viability of the organization."

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