Constitutional Money

Operational View

Get in Line

Phase 1:

north american transaction system

-          Decentralized Exchange between whitelisted accounts on EOS.IO protocol or Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents (RAIDA)

-          Trade certificates and withdraw at a future date (withdrawals denominated in Dollars of Silver, taxes owed in “USD”)

-          Zero counterparty risk using decentralized cryptocurrenices and decentralized exchange collateralized by King Dollar Money’s Dollars of Silver

Phase 2:

The Honor and Energy Network – THE Network

-          Create a Decentralized Application (DAPP) which links into Craigslist and Next Door to enable individuals to transact in King Dollars and/or cryptocurrency for peer to peer transactions

-          Establish a graph database enabling the DAPP to record ratings of transactions

-          THE Network DAPP would create opportunity to show collateral in a smart contract in order to be given details on the product/service sold (skin in the game)

-          Company earns a margin on the number of transactions occurring across THE Network.

Phase 3:

North American Commodity Delivery Association

-          King Dollars used as collateral to acquire Metal Miner Invoices in exchange for metal production

-          Metal Miner Invoices sold for metal to third parties who desire direct access to metal production

-          The speed at which invoices settle directly result in amount of metal acquired by brokerage company

-          Company earns a margin on the metal sold, deliverable to securities holders in metal to reduce potential taxes