Constitutional Money

King Dollar Money

Join the Trust. Win.

Escape the Fed and cleanse your money… from debt to energy.

Move wealth over to the game, become a beneficiary of the King Dollar Trust.   

The King Dollar Pool earns 25% of transaction fees.

King Dollars earn yield with no counterparty risk* and no holding period.

King Cryptos collateralized by King Dollar Money Limited’s King Dollars.

We lose your cryptocurrency, KDML forfeits its King Dollars (not the beneficiaries’ King Dollars!)

Trade certificates for Dollars of Silver and cryptocurrency in the Trust, there is no earned income until you leave the game and withdraw your money held in Trust.

Build wealth in the Trust, trade wealth in the Trust to acquire knowledge, use knowledge to build more wealth in the Trust.

Extract wealth but minimize taxes owed.

Pay taxes in federal reserve dollars, hold wealth in King Dollars.

*King Dollar Trust covers the insruance fees of the vaulted Dollars of Silver