Constitutional Money


Silver accounts through UPMA are different from traditional bank accounts in terms of safely preserving wealth and minimizing risk. 

Banks only maintain between 2% to 4% of their reserves as cash while UPMA accounts are 100% backed with physical legal tender silver that is never leased.

UPMA accounts aren't subject to bank holidays, bail-ins, capital controls, digital theft, or year to year losses in value through inflation.

Read below to see some of the other ways members are protected.


At a traditional bank, depositors typical receive up to $250,000 in FDIC insurance. What fewer people know is that by their own admission, the FDIC only maintains about 1% of the reserves needed to fully insure all bank depositors. This has led to some skepticism over the value of such insurance if a major financial institution were to fail. UPMA insures the full value of each silver and gold account 100%, regardless of size, through private insurance. Copies of the insurance policy are available upon request.

Members of UPMA may check the books and see the silver themselves.


Audits of holdings are available to any member upon request. In order to be transparent, UPMA permits members with balances in excess of 40 ounces of gold to request to participate in periodic physical audits. We are unaware of any other vaulting company that offers this level of access. Members interested in participating in a routine physical audit should send us an email request.

At UPMA we keep paper records of all transactions and holdings.

UPMA also prints a daily paper record of all member holdings. It isn't possible to hack or digitally alter a printed list in a filing cabinet.


UPMA is located in the state of Utah and only vaults within the state because Utah is the most favorable jurisdiction regarding precious metals within the United States. In 2011 Utah passed the Legal Tender Act which is still the most comprehensive law in the country supporting the use of sound money. Members of UPMA may be from any state. Utah's Attorney General Sean Reyes spoke at the UPMA annual summit in support of the program, this can be seen here: